Foxcode’s strategic direction empowers our clients to mature as industry leaders, to pursue new opportunities and to grow sustainable businesses. By leveraging our platform of global resources with our industry knowledge and operational expertise, each company will be poised for significant improvements over the long-term.

After finalizing corporate goals and objectives, we fine-tune a detailed plan and commence the transaction process. Regardless of the option the client has chosen – whether it is a public equity offering, a private equity infusion, a debt raise or a merger or acquisition – negotiating the price and terms is crucial to maximizing the client’s profits. We pride ourselves on our strong skills and active involvement in the negotiation process.

After the terms and conditions of a transaction are determined, we navigate the often-challenging closing process, which is especially helpful to owners and managers who are already working at 100 percent capacity to operate and grow the business. Foxcode acts as the “quarterback” during the process by working with the ecosystem of attorneys, auditors, appraisers, third party due diligence teams and capital sources. Our goal is to relieve our clients of the burden on their time and do as much of the work as possible so that they are able to run their business effectively.

When the transaction is complete we typically stay involved with the company and work with management to determine the optimal role for Foxcode. Strategies range from an informal advisory role to taking a temporary operational role in the company.

Unlike firms that only take high upfront and current fees, we invest in companies and earn carried interests so that our interests are aligned. Since most of our compensation is based on the company’s success and not simply deal completion, we limit our clients and investments. We select companies that we believe have solid business models and experienced management teams that will benefit from operational and financial improvements as a way to boost profitability and value.