David Sardar

Director, Operations
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David Sardar has 12 years of experience in consulting and over 20 years of corporate operations experience.

He specializes in Corporate Operations Strategy, Global Supply Chain, Materials Management and Global Sourcing. He brings a wealth of expertise in EBITDA impact and performance improvement on end-to-end supply chain in a wide variety of industries. He has delivered sustainable financial and operational results for clients in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. In addition to operations, he has also been involved in managing Product Design and Development, Materials Management and Production Management. He has also held leadership roles at ESE Consulting and Lucent Technologies.

His experience includes leading several Telecom projects while at Lucent Technologies Bell Labs in reducing production cycle time and increasing throughput in factories in the U.S., Asia, South America and Europe. He also worked in the Medical Instruments Industry to re-design and source products, parts and equipment used in operating rooms; in the Color Management Industry to design, develop and source a company’s new product line; and with a Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer (Lubricants and Industrial Chemicals) to manage all supply chain operations in six locations in the US, Europe and Asia.

He earned an M.B.A. in Finance and Business Administration at the University of Georgia.