Foxcode, Inc. is an investment and merchant banking firm in Philadelphia, PA and Shenzhen, China that advises and invests in projects globally. Foxcode was formed to invest in middle-market companies where the strategic and operating expertise of Foxcode’s principals can provide financing, growth initiatives and operational effectiveness. Foxcode’s industry focus includes diversified services and industries with recent emphasis on Consumer, Industrials, Energy, Infrastructure, and Telecommunications with focus on technology-enabled solutions. Since 2004, Foxcode has completed principal equity investments and advised clients on transactions in North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Company Overview

Foxcode combines a unique suite of skills and services which address the challenges faced by growing mid-market firms.

Business growth and success rarely proceed in a straight line, often reaching plateaus where progress can stall. Foxcode brings to bear the technology of finance, operational excellence, and intellectual property insight necessary to accelerate clients through the inflection points of the lifecycle of business.

In addition, modern business has in many ways been reorganized around and impacted by the emergence of the “information economy,” which provides an advantage to those who can capture and lay claim to pieces of the intellectual landscape. Through its intellectual property and technology deployment practice, Foxcode brings the experience and expertise necessary for clients to maximize the enterprise value derived from a well-developed IP and technology portfolio.

Many clients come to Foxcode with operational challenges which are limiting their growth and often eliminating otherwise well-fitting options in the capital markets. For these clients, Foxcode provides Pre- and Post- acquisition operational advisory services, including growth initiatives, operational effectiveness services, supply-chain management expertise, and other targeted value-enhancing activities.

Foxcode acts as Principal by becoming an equity owner, intimately and naturally aligning with the interests of clients.

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