Lothar (Lou) Budike, Jr.

Managing Director, Intellectual Property
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Lothar (Lou) Budike has 20 years of professional experience, focused on the delivery and commercialization of technology driven businesses. His experience includes successful technology based product launches for multiple Fortune 100 companies such as General Electric, Honeywell, Westinghouse, SAIC, Long Island Power Authority, PEPCO Energy Holdings, BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric) as well as successfully transitioned military technology through Phase 1, 2 & 3 SBIR programs for the Dept. of Defense.

He began his career with the United States Navy. He was an advanced electrical design engineer working under NAVSEA focused on advanced electrical system design and development for both shipboard and weapons systems engineering. He was assigned to the Air Craft Carrier Vessel – 63 (USS Kitty Hawk), and the Aircraft Carrier Vessel CV-64 (USS Constellation). He is currently active in Dept. of Defense based contracts and consults in the areas of electrical design, pulsed power, and microelectronics. He is currently a member of the Defense Translational Research Advisory Committee, which reviews new military based technology that can be transitioned from research to application.

He also worked for ARCO Energy & Chemical Company as an electrical design and production engineer in the advanced cryogenics department. In this task, he operated spectral analysis equipment and designed and developed electronic controls systems, industrial PLC based control systems, operating software and hardware interfaces for the deployment of composite, polymer, and petroleum based product offerings. He was awarded by ARCO “innovation of the year” award for the design of a turbo-modulating electronic compressor system that reduced production throughput by 50%.

In 1991, he formed Powerweb, Inc., an electrical based design firm focused on technology based solutions for the electronics and power industry. Since that time, he has commercialized products for Fortune 100 companies from a wide range of technology applications including: power suppliers, power systems, power trading systems, energy procurement systems, control systems, wireless based systems, optical systems, mechanical systems, lighting systems, capacitor based systems, nano related systems, and other unique product offerings.

He earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University
 and Certified Systems Integration Degree at the Wireless Institute of Philadelphia.